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Small Business

€29,99 / per visit excl. shopping fees

Available outside of the Netherlands soon. Mystery shopping specially made for small businesses with up to 5 locations.

  • First mystery shopper free
  • Free demo dashboard
  • Industry-specific survey
  • Free choice in research frequency (min. 4x)
  • One customer journey per dashboard
  • One user account
  • Basic support



Custom research, available worldwide for larger organizations with 6 or more locations.

  • Free pilot
  • Extensive onboarding
  • Expert guidance during research setup
  • Tailor-made survey(s)
  • Unlimited visits per year
  • Multiple customer journeys in one dashboard
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Custom visit frequency
  • Personal support (in 5 languages)
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Small Business


Participating locations

Locations that are being visited during a mystery shopping research.
Small Business 1-5
Enterprise Unlimited

Number of countries and languages

How much internationalization we support in one research.
Small Business 1
Enterprise Unlimited


Mystery shoppers fill this out after each mystery shopping assignment.
Small Business Fixed (industry-specific)
Enterprise Tailor-made

Visit frequency

The number of times a mystery shopping assignment is done.
Small Business 4 choices
Enterprise Custom

Number of customer journeys

Are displayed in one dashboard (e.g. breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Small Business 1
Enterprise Unlimited

Number of user accounts

People who have access to a personal dashboard.
Small Business 1
Enterprise Unlimited

Management levels

Different levels that differentiate the research data (e.g. HQ, area management, store management).
Small Business 1
Enterprise Unlimited


Our team is ready to help you with any questions.
Small Business Live chat & e-mail
Enterprise Personal Project Manager

Assignment types

From simple to complex, e.g. by adding (online) appointments or specific cases.
Small Business Fixed choice
Enterprise Custom

Community information

Consists of an assignment description, a manual, a checklist, and more.
Small Business DIY
Enterprise Tailor-made


Comparison of all participating locations with one another and the total research score on all levels.
Small Business Basic
Enterprise Full

Audience targeting

The characteristics mystery shoppers need to have to be eligible for your assignments. om in jouw doelgroep te behoren.
Small Business Basic
Enterprise Custom


Downloading research data from our dashboard into an Excel file.
Small Business Yes
Enterprise Yes


All our knowledge bundled in short introductory courses.
Small Business Yes
Enterprise Yes

Location groupings

Bundling locations in groups based on geographical location, franchise/non-franchise, and more.
Small Business No
Enterprise Yes


Insights into account activity in your research.
Small Business No
Enterprise Yes


Insights into average expenditures, visit days and times, and more.
Small Business Yes
Enterprise Yes


Zoom in on all variables in the research.
Small Business Yes
Enterprise Yes

Shopping fee as reward

Whenever possible, we use shopping fees to reward our mystery shoppers. They use the shopping fee to purchase something at your place and they keep their purchase as a reward.

Affinity with your concept

As their purchase is the reward, mystery shoppers usually apply for assignments that they like. In other words, the mystery shoppers we select are always from your target audience!

Circling back as revenue

Shopping fees are paid out to mystery shoppers by you (via us), but returns to your registers as revenue. Win-win! And often, mystery shoppers spend a bit more than they're given.

Financial compensation

It may not be fitting to give mystery shoppers a shopping fee, but no worries! We'll simply pay a suitable financial compensation for their efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Extra information


We have 50,000+ mystery shoppers ready to do your assignments. So you won't have to approach or recruit people yourself. We've got your back!


Working with a large community can be challenging. But whatever happens, we guarantee that any assignment you have planned will be done by a mystery shopper. No half measures!